Recommended Reading

“Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte 

Top Recommended Reading:

Rise & Fall of the Great Powers

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers – Paul Kennedy

The brilliant Yale historian Paul Kennedy takes the reader for an epic journey through the last 500 years of history, exploring the global dynamics of geopolitical power, military struggles, and economic changes that have left the world as we know it in the twenty first century. Since the time of the Renaissance in Europe, phenomenal changes have taken place, and those who understand the lessons of history will have valuable insights into the trends of tomorrow. Kingdoms and empires have risen and fallen through time, and politicians, policy-makers, businessmen and investors play a big part in shaping the course of the future.

Plato's Republic

The Republic – Plato

Often known as the grandfather of Philosophy along with Socrates, Plato’s classic work ‘The Republic’ is an indispensable book that men and women of influence have consulted and read and engaged in for centuries. This ancient classic text unfolds through conversations between Athenians in Plato’s time, touching on the great issues of humanity. Read and understand this timeless classic and learn about the prevalent issues of justice, morality, political ideology and the character and roles of the citizen and the state; issues that still plague our modern society today.


The Lord of the Rings – John. R.R. Tolkien

This epic, sublime and breathtaking tale in the high fantasy world of Middle Earth masterfully written by Tolkien is the most widely read book after the Bible. While totally an entire universe distinct from our world; with stories of tragic wars, tales of dragons and adventures of elves, Tolkien used to write that “Middle Earth is our Earth.” Born out of the gloomy years of the second world war, the themes and motifs surrounding the sublime and beautiful story captures the enduring themes of what we so commonly face in our lives – friendship, love, tragedy, sacrifice, adversity, victory, redemption.


Out of the Silent Planet – Clive S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis’ first episode of his Cosmic Trilogy is a beautifully written science fiction story about a certain Dr Ransom who is kidnapped and brought to Mars through a spaceship to be presented to ‘aliens’ as a ‘sacrifice.’ However, not all is what it appears to be. Lewis brings the reader through Dr Ransom’s journey into the deep space, across the stars and through a journey of self discovery and philosophical reflection of mankind’s existence and moral principles. A stunning sci-fi thriller, filled with beautiful and avid descriptive narratives, this book will help you understand something of the human condition that you might not have yet discovered.

the old man and the sea

The Old Man and The Sea – Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway’s classic novel that landed him his Nobel Prize in Literature: this succinct, prescient and short story of an old fisherman and a giant marlin in the Gulf Stream captures the struggles of the everyday human being. A story about adversity and audacity, courage and confidence, and fighting battles despite overwhelming and unfavourable odds.

Reads For The Thoughtful Investor:

A History of Interest Rates – Sidney Homer

Investment Valuation – Aswath Damodaran

Financial Market Bubbles and Crashes – Harold L. Vogel

Security Analysis – Benjamin Graham & David Dodd

The Alchemy of Finance – George Soros

Technical Analysis of The Financial Markets – John J. Murphy

Capitalism, Socialism & Democracy – Joseph Schumpeter

Capitalism & Freedom – Milton Friedman

The Theory of Money & Credit – Ludwig Von Mises

The Economy of Cities – Jane Jacobs

Tomorrow’s Gold – Marc Faber

Manias, Panics & Crashes – Charles Kindleberger

Other Recommended Reading:

The Art of War – Sun Zi

On War – Carl Von Clausewitz

The Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith

Das Kapital – Karl Marx

Guns, Germs & Steel – Jared Diamond

The Rise & Fall of the British Empire – Lawrence James

The Fall of the West – Adrian Goldsworthy

The Black Swan – Nassim Nicholas Taleb


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