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Warren Buffett and George Soros both started with nothing – and made billion-dollar fortunes solely by investing.

But their careers seem as opposite as night and day. Buffett buys bargain-priced stocks and businesses for cash – and likes to own them “forever.” Soros is renowned for his highly-leveraged, quick-footed bets in the currency markets.

What could they possibly have in common?

As Mark Tier demonstrates in this path-breaking book, Buffett and Soros both practice exactly the same mental habits and strategies – the same attitudes that guided Peter Lynch, Sir John Templeton, Bernard Baruch, Benjamin Graham and all the other successful investors and traders Tier has studied and worked with. Without exception.

In this book, you’ll find how investment success – or disappointment – flows from your mental habits and mental strategies. So if you haven’t been getting the results you want, you’re probably not practicing The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett and George Soros. What’s more, every one of these habits is something you can easily learn yourself. Discover how the mental habits that guided your last investment decision stack up against those of Buffett and Soros. And then learn exactly what you need to do to adopt their winning investment habits – and transform your own investment performance. Their mental habits fly in the face of conventional Wall Street “wisdom”:- Buffett and Soros don’t diversify. When they buy they always ‘buy as much as they can.’

– Both will tell you that making predictions about the market or the economy has virtually nothing to do with their success.

– They don’t believe that to make big profits you must take big risks. In fact, both are far more focused on not losing money than making it. Yes, Soros is risk-averse!

– And all those research reports that Wall Street churns out – they never read them. They don’t give a hoot what other people think.

Find out more with this book!